You are invited! 

We are pleased to invite you to become a part of our International Yoga Organization called, WORLD YOGA ALLIANCE. 

🔸Why join us at WYA?

World Yoga Alliance (WYA) is an international yoga organization founded in INDIA, originated place of yoga, since 2011. We aim to build a worldwide network of yoga teachers and schools by providing an opportunity and best support to spread the authentic yoga principles, standards and practice worldwide.

By joining WYA, your school/studio will be listed on our International Directory of Yoga School. We will issue specific WYA School ID for each school member to receive special benefits from organization.

🔸What are the WYA member benefit?

– We offer one-time payment for school registration (RSY) that valid lifetime. So you don’t have to worry about expiration of your membership at all.

– Accreditation from World Yoga Alliance (WYA) to enhance your credibility nationally and internationally that can increase amount of your students joining your institute.

– Public profile page listed on WYA official website, where you can advertise your classes, training courses, and promote your workshops / other yoga events.

– We promote our school members via WYA social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) continuously for FREE. Actively update every day.

– FREE participation in our Annual Global Conferences and WYA Family Event where you can present your professional experience of teaching and promote your school globally.

– School members are able to apply Certified Yoga Teacher Certificate (CYT) for their students who completed training course from their school and also able to provide continuous yoga education for WYA teacher members.

🔸What is WYA continuous yoga education?

We believe one should never stop learning and practicing. That is the reason why we provide FREE continuous yoga education called Exchange Yoga Experience Program” (EYEP) for Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) who graduated from WYA Certified Yoga School.

All CYT members will get WYA certificate along with WYA Teacher ID Number which will be appeared on International Directory of Yoga Teacher. CYT members can rejoin the training course to brush up and enhance their knowledge as part of our continuous yoga education program that valid for three years after graduation date. (For same training level only)

So imagine if you are looking for a yoga teacher training, definitely you will prefer to choose the institute that offer special benefit even after graduation.  WYA is the only organization which is currently running this unique program to meet students’ needs and provide continuous support.

🔸How to join WYA?

– Simply submit online school application form on our website along with required documents.

– Once your school application & payment has been confirmed, you will get Official School Registration from WYA and become part of our yoga community!

Here is the fee details for your reference:

World Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School