Yoga is like music, the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.  (BKS Iyengar) Tina and Keely Welcome you to our TK Yoga and Holistics UK based company, specialising in all round well-being.

Situated in historic Framlingham. Suffolk, we offer at our clinic a variety of different complementary care practices to enhance wellness on every level.

We also offer fully accredited training courses to those wishing to become complementary care practitioners with our distance learning, hands on training, and regular workshops throughout the year. 

Our Tutor led Yoga Teacher Training programs both 200 and 500 hour, can also be accessed via distance learning. We hold regular workshops on alignment, good practice ethics, and encourage classroom attendance. Tina and Keely are proud to fully support their students during training and after graduation.

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Phone: +441728724625

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Organized by TK Yoga Ltd.

We teach predominately Hatha Yoga together with a mix of flow and Yoga Nidra. We encourage our students to be authentic in their approach to yoga and to discover their own unique style whilst keeping the true authentic approach to Hatha principles and ideals.

We have Ahimsa at our core.

🌏 Location

31 Market Hill, Framlingham, Woodbridge IP13 9AS, United Kingdom

🔖 Course Teachers

TK Yoga Teachers

Tina Brewer

WYA Registered Yoga Teacher
Teacher ID: 156RTY200

Tina has been involved with holistic well-being for over 30 years training in many disciplines over this period of time. Tina discovered the many benefits of Yoga about 35 years ago and attended regular classes until the desire to train as a Yoga Teacher created a fire deep within and eventually took hold! Back then it wasn’t possible for Tina to travel halfway across the world to train and she joined an English training school and flourished within Yoga. It is not too big a statement to make to say that Yoga actually saved Tina’s life! The peace of meditation, the healing Asanas, and the vibrational sounds helped so much in healing and releasing a deeply held pain, which had left a deep sadness in the form of anorexia nervosa.

Tina continued to train in many holistic therapies including: Osteopathy and Mid- Section training. Aromatherapy and Massage. Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. Life Coaching.  Reiki 1.11.and Masters. Tina also holds an Adult Teachers  Certificate and an N.V.Q in Health Care. Hatha Yoga Diploma. And more…

Keely Warren

WYA Registered Yoga Teacher
Teacher ID: 184RTY500

Keely has been a practicing Yogi for over 20 years, qualifying in 2003 in Hatha Yoga. Keely was born with a slight scoliosis of the spine and slightly misaligned knee joints. Since childhood this has caused Keely discomfort, however; she decided not to let this hinder her love of all things holistic and continued to train in all areas of complementary care. Gaining over the years many diplomas and certificates in a wide range of therapies, and earning her the reputation of one of the best yoga teachers in Suffolk.

Keely practiced and took classes during her pregnancies and had only two weeks away from yoga teacher after her daughter was born.

The busy complementary side of the practice in Framlingham Suffolk is manned mostly by Keely.

Keely has diplomas in Aromatherapy and Massage. Reflexology. Indian Head Massage. Teachers Certificate. Reiki.1.11.and Masters. N.V.Q in Health and Social Care. Hatha Yoga Diploma. And more…


200 Hour Accredited Yoga Teacher Training in the UK and France

Become a fully qualified certificated worldwide yoga teacher with TK Yoga.

Courses are designed around your learning methods and with our 200 hour training course you will learn what we at TK Yoga mean by ‘Best Possible Practice’.

We promise to never allow you to feel isolated or out of your depth at any stage during your study and training.

Decide today to change your life and become fully engaged in a satisfying far reaching profession that can further enhance not only your own life but those that you come in contact with wherever you are within this amazing planet we call earth.

We welcome students over the age of 18 years and have no onward age limits! Your only requirements to complete our courses are at least two years dedicated yoga practice, an open heart and a desire to learn.

Register your interest with us today and follow through with a short email telling us why you would like to become a yoga teacher with a short bio of your current situation and where you would love to be in 18 months’ time.

We value each unique individual and will work with you to realise your dreams and outcomes.

This is an intensive 14 and 21 days training with future follow up workshops and alignment days.

Next Training Schedule

200 Hour Accredited Yoga Teacher Training in the UK and France

15th – 29th March 2020 UK

 4th – 25th April 2020 France

4th-18th August France

1st-15th September France

3rd – 25th October 2020 France

1st – 15th November 2020 UK

16th – 30th November 2020 UK