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I’m certified by the World Yoga Alliance for many years now. I’ve started my certifications as an aerial yoga teacher and I’ve been growing since then to a yoga, aerial yoga and yoga therapy teacher trainer The World Yoga Alliance has the kindest people and it feels like a big family. They have an awesome support and readily answer your questions.

The WYA gave me the confidence to move forward with my passion and to follow my life true purpose: to learn, to practice and to teach yoga.

Raquel Devillé
Raquel DevilléBELGIUMÉcole de Yoga Aérien

We are very proud to be part of this organization, that offers very high standards of training in all its schools worldwide and also constant and immediate support. Our school Styleoga highly recommends WYA.

 Luigi Xuereb
Luigi XuerebITALYStyleoga
Crystal Gray

Unlike other “Yoga Alliances” out there, the World Yoga Alliance actually took the time to get on a Zoom call with me to take a thorough look at my course. I got to talk on the phone to someone in a position of power, who could actually make decisions, instead of speaking with a secretary. They are committed to perpetuating the teachings of yoga as more than exercise and see the value in online learning. Unlike other “Yoga Alliances”, World Yoga Alliance accredits online yoga teacher training programs which bridges the gap for those that are unable to travel or attend a local training making it equally accessible to all. Furthermore, just because a program is “in-person” doesn’t make it high quality. It’s refreshing to see an organization that sees that. Thanks you WYA!

Crystal Gray
Crystal GrayUSAYoga Goddess Academy

World Yoga Alliance is just not an organization but in true sense a complete family for entire yogi community of this world. It’s been 7 years that Guru Dharam Ji – My Guru and WYA is standing with me in my life and supported me like a family to grow and touch new heights.
Guru Dharam is always a phone call away and I have never felt loneliness and never felt left alone because of his presence and the support which the entire WYA team has given me day and night.
They always said yes we will support and that’s how my love and appreciation for WYA is unlimited.
On professional front it’s a well managed organization mentored by Guru Dharam and his leadership team who have installed beautiful courses and made amazing friendly regulations which people can manage as per their economic status and capability.
The benefits of WYA certification is immense and it’s a wonderful organization . I can not explain everything in detail but you all need to check www.wyayoga.org and see how pretty things are in WYA.
A yogi can’t ask for anything else because he or she will get everything and all the support by WYA.
Huge respect for my Guru – Guru Dharam Ji and WYA team.

Dr.(Hc)Piyush Goel
Founder-President (Trinetra Yoga)
Asia Pacific
Dr.(Hc)Piyush Goel
Dr.(Hc)Piyush GoelINDIATrinetra Yoga

WYA truly demonstrate Unity in Diversity, they are extremely authentic in there approach of getting yoga to the world. Yoga is not owned by any organization it is the birth right of mankind and it is India’s gift to the world and they go to great lengths to demonstrate this. They display absolute freedom from doer ship and ownership, They embrace the beautiful principals of being non judgmental, honoring equanimity, free from attachment, acting for the well-being of the whole world. They display the true essence of Traditional Yoga and what it was intended to bring to the world. Namaste I salute the the Divine in each and everyone of the team, may we work together in sharing this sacred gift.

Jennifer Fitzsimmons
Jennifer FitzsimmonsSOUTH AFRICAPathways Country Yoga Retreat
World Yoga Alliance is an extremely professional and supportive organisation. I registered my Yoga Teacher Training School ‘La Pause Yoga’ with them, and every interaction has been excellent. They have continued to support me and are always available to answer queries or give advice. I am very pleased I chose to join them.
 Tandy Pengelly
TK Yoga Teachers

We at TK Yoga think that World Yoga Alliance does an amazing job! We love what you do and being part of a greater whole in this amazing universe. We are so happy to be accepted by your organisation and we do spread the word to all our students and grads to join. Keep up the wonderful work WYA. We bow to you in gratitude. 🙏

Tina and Keely

De varias asociaciones de Yoga a las que acudi por informacion, trayectoria, etc. puedo decir que World Yoga Alliance fue la unica que me dio seguridad desde el inicio, su atencion de primera, rapida y opirtuna. Destaco mucho su interes por mantener un alto estandar de calidad tanto para profesores como para estudios de Yoga, por eso no solo decidi certificarme a titulo personal sino tambien a mi escuela Narasimha Yoga.
Los recomiendo.

Simha Rambay
Simha RambayEQUADORNarasimha Yoga
Yogi Anand, Adwait Yoga

An Authentic and Professional body to promote real, authentic, and traditional Yoga Science and Art, and its community. Extremely happy to see this organisation.
WYA be blessed! 🙏

Yogi Anand
Yogi AnandINDIAAdwait Yoga
Worlds yoga alliance: Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC) are incredible transformational experiences. Most former students describe them as probably the best-spent month(s) of their lives.
Whether you are thinking of becoming a Yoga teacher or just getting deeper in your practice and self-discovering, TTCs are definitely life changing.
That’s why it becomes really important to choose the correct one and that’s why World Yoga Alliance, I can confirm outright that it is best TCC.
Roman Koko Tenika
Roman Koko TenikaUSAKoko’s World Of Yoga Styles

World Yoga Alliance provides incredible customer service support and is an amazing worldwide healthy living community. Truly helping to build “Unity In Diversity” by giving opportunity, helping promote and support yoga teachers and schools internationally. Thank you WYA for all your support and services!

Venus Angelina Galea
Venus Angelina GaleaPHILIPPINESChoice Aerial Fitness

WYA is an organization that seriously and accurately supports all Yoga schools as well as teachers. I feel part of a community moving towards the same goal with equanimity.
the team is always available answering all my questions.
thank you very much

Mélissa Delattre
Mélissa DelattreFRANCEAerial Vinyasa Yoga

With World Yoga Alliance certificate you can work as a yoga instructor anywhere in the world. World Yoga Alliance is not just an organization is a big family. Join their 200 hr/300 hr or 500 hr course under the guidance of Swami Dharam Ji.

Dimitris Papapetrou
Dimitris PapapetrouCYPRUSYoga Europe WYA

Amazing team, nice n friendly people and very good yoga course.

Worapoj Maniam (Kru Note)
Worapoj Maniam (Kru Note)THAILANDMy Peace Yoga


Sirinut Anupan
Sirinut AnupanTHAILANDUrban Yoga Ubon