Sodhana Yoga and Wellness Institute

The Institution was co-founded in April 2017 by yoga instructors Marc Anthony Preclaro and Chaitanya dasi Doble. The founders have been yoga advocates for many years now and have been sharing the yoga lifestyle to a wide audience from private classes to working with institutions, both government and private organizations as well as schools and universities. They have been teaching also for the umbrella org Yoga Club of the Philippines and have found it a necessity to empower interested students in sharing the wonders of the yoga lifestyle themselves, thus, Sodhana Yoga was born.

The school offers 200 hrs and 350 hrs yoga teacher training coursesunder traditional hatha yoga education with the focus on safety and optimal alignment for one’s personal sodhana rather than advocating for a competitive and injurious consciousness. It has been training students from different countries, local aspirants as well as deserving and endeavoring yogis under a special scholarship (free) training program.

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Sodhana Yoga and Wellness Institute

Organized by Sodhana Yoga and Wellness Institute, PHILIPPINES.

We offer yoga education based on the traditional hatha yoga principles and techniques focusing on safety, optimal alignment and personal healing rather than competitive and injurious practices.

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.”

Let us continue to help each other be an inspiration.

🔖 Course Teachers

Marc Anthony delos Santos Preclaro

Marc Anthony delos Santos Preclaro

WYA 200/350 hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)
Teacher ID: 159RTY550

  • Marc Co-founded and is the Training Director of the institution as well as one of the main course instructors for all courses offered.
  • Marc was the Administrator of the training center, managing its operation as well as serving as one of the course instructors ranging from stress management workshops, environmental awareness seminars, yoga asana classes, disaster and emergency preparedness workshops, health and nutrition, meditation classes.
  • Marc has been a resource instructor for all the yoga club organizations in different universities under the Yoga Club Inc, national umbrella org.
Chaitanya dasi Tolosa Doble

Chaitanya dasi Tolosa Doble

WYA 200/350hr Registered Yoga Teacher(RTY)
Teacher ID: 160RTY550

Co-founder & trainer at Sodhana Yoga and Wellness Institute. Teaching based on the Traditional Hatha Yoga Systems focusing on safety and optimal alignment.

Sodhana Yoga YTT
Sodhana Yoga YTT
Sodhana Yoga YTT


200/350 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Philippines

Yoga nowadays has become a health and fitness regime leaving behind its roots as a spiritual journey to link up with the Supreme. In this teacher training course we revisit these roots and learn how we can apply them to our lives in this day and age. This part of the course encourages a personal undertaking of spiritual growth which has no direct relationship to the teaching of yoga asanas. An introduction to the Sodhana Yoga Philosophy can be experienced and understood by attending courses with us.