Shwet Yoga Wellness Institute

ShwetYoga Wellness Institute provides Classical Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga), Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Iyengar Yoga.
We provide Yoga facility to Studio Yoga wherein we provide both the traditional forms Classical & Hatha, Iyengar Yoga is our USP; yoga aspirants from far off places come specially to attend those weekend batches. Teachers’Training Course consists of Yogic games, audio-visual methodology, Yogic Concepts such as Self-realization is introduced, practice of Shatkriyas along with Asanas & Pranayama, Projects, Homework, Assignments, videos, Awareness Program, Meditation, Lesson Plans, Practice Teaching Methods, Combination Of Physiology, Body Anatomy and Philosophy, preparing students for QCI, Ayush exmination.

Shwet Yoga Wellness Institute

Organized by Shwet Yoga Wellness Institute

Welcome to Shwet Yoga in the evergreen city of Thane, the very lap of nature in its abundance. Shwet in Sanskrit expresses purity and whiteness in its true spirit and pure essence of life. Literally, yoga in Sanskrit means ‘to add’, ‘to join’, ‘to unite’ and ‘to attach’ from the root. In other words, Yoga signifies ‘connection’, ‘application’ and ‘addition’ in everyday life. Through Shwet Yoga, we aim to connect, apply and add — the union of the individual consciousness of the soul with the universal spirit.


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Yoga is the path to an energetic, enthusiastic and healthy life.

WYA Certified Yoga Schools

🌏 Location

Shwetyoga Studio, 404, Pranav Prasanna CHS, Samantwadi, Near Uthalsar naka
Thane 400601

❣ Course Teacher

Shweta Manthan Varpe

WYA Registered Yoga Teacher



ShwetYoga Wellness Institute, Thane, India was founded in 2012 by Ms. Shweta Varpe, who emphasizes that beauty and strength are the pillars of yoga. As a teacher she influenced young minds initially, and then gave a sudden twist to her career by being a Yoga Therapist.  Yoga has enabled her in establishing a strong sense of affirmations, accomplishing multi-tasks effortlessly and developing core strength and a peaceful mind.  It was a miracle taking place when Yoga being an add-on facility in the gym area, ran powerfully seven days in a week with six batches on the floor since 2008 onwards. Many students got trained under her for Yoga, Aerobics and for Free Hand workout in the gyms; so it can be said that the seeds of ShwetYoga Academic Training had already been sown while giving training in gyms.

Her approach through ShwetYoga is to highlight the importance of yoga to the fitness world and the masses through a holistic one. It was in the gyms that she observed that Fitness Industry had a strong knowledge of Body Anatomy; however was quite away from the concept of Wellness. Ms. Shweta felt the urge to merge both the areas together, herself being a rigorous fitness freak.

ShwetYoga Wellness Institute offers ShwetYoga Academic Courses in numerous dimensions with various courses, among them is The Teachers’ Training Course. The Institute offers guidance to students who wish to appear for the QCI, AYUSH Ministry of India Examination.

Types of Yoga provided at ShwetYoga Wellness Institute:

  1. Classical Yoga
  2. Hatha Yoga
  3. Iyengar Yoga
  4. Vinyasa Yoga
  5. Power Yoga