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Balance your life with ‘Yoga Watukaru’

Even though it seems impossible at times but there are methods and ways to find a more relaxed and balanced lifestyle. The best thing about yoga and meditation is that it gives you more vital energy, which helps you to be more creative and to focus on finding your individual life-balance. The main reason for this is because it requires body and mind, so you are working on yourself physically and mentally as well. Most people who do or undertake sports know that it is predominantly mental strength that we gain, when we work out regularly. And mental strength is a skill that is beneficial for many situations in life, particularly when times are rough.

There is obviously an outstanding amount of ancient knowledge within the balinese yoga, including the wisdom about self-healing practices. All knowledge has been developed by yogis, who spent their lifetime at Mount Batukaru (pronounced Watukaru) thousands of years ago. The teachers and students of ‘Perguruan Seruling Dewata’ are proud and eager to preserve and share their wisdom.

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SerulingDewata, BALI

Organised by Seruling Dewata

Balinese Watukaru Yoga focusing on practicing 13 ancient/genuine style of yoga like sun yoga style , moon yoga style, Isvara yoga style, vishnu yoga style, siva yoga style, etc. Balinese Watukaru Yoga formed in Bali by 460 AD.

Yoga is a tool that helps you to (re)connect with yourself.

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Bunut Puhun
East Selemadeg
Bantas, Tabanan Tabanan

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We provide transfers from different locations. For our airport pick-up service as well as from Ubud the cost is 450.000 IDR. Please forward your flight details to us so we can receive you personally. Other pick up locations are possible on request.

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Balitrees Retreats
Balitrees Retreats
Balitrees Retreats

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Balitrees Retreats

At Balitrees Retreats

Balitrees is a cooperation of the local Ashram ‘Perguruan Seruling Dewata’ and the villagers of Sesandan. Besides offering cultural travel, together we aim to preserve the ancient balinese ‘Yoga Watukara’, support the local community and to contribute to sustainable tourism in Bali.

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What is ‘Yoga Watukaru’?

Founded in Bali by Ki Budhi Dharma formally in the year of 641 AD, this deep spiritual oriented type of yoga is a combination of the classical ‘Hatha-Yoga’ asanas (body postures), including flows, meditation, mudras and mantras with it’s main focus laying on the activation of the kundalini, the internal energy. For the process of self-healing it is essential that the internal energy flows, which means your blood, hormones and other body fluids circulate properly to maintain all crucial body functions. The two important factors here are repetition and regularity that is why they are the key disciplines of ‘Yoga Watukaru’. Also, compared to the fitness oriented yoga styles, ‘Yoga Watukara’  and that is exactly what a fast growing/changing society seeks for: simplicity and a calming routine that let you put life on hold for a moment. For the traditional balinese population, whereby most follow the hindu religion, the ancient yoga and meditation practices are good ways to stay aware of themselves, maintain a healthy life and to connect with the spirits and nature. Latter is the fundamental reason, why yoga was originally practiced at all. At the end it is the fusion of health-promoting methods and the balinese spirituality that gives ‘Yoga Watukaru’ it’s incomparable, unique character worldwide.

At Perguruan Seruling Dewata the following six fields of study, each holding it’s own special self-healing tools, are accessible:

  • ‘Spirituality’

As for many eastern beliefs, this part plays a significant role in the balinese hinduism. Therefor each field of practice has its own spiritual elements to connect with different hindu gods and the five elements of nature by mainly singing mantras, using mudras and meditation as well as visiting holy places with a high energy level.

  • ‘Chakra Meditation’

This meditation technique is implemented in every practice. Chakra can be translated as wheel or circle, whereas the human body holds 7 main chakras as well ‘nadis’, which are the little channels (blood vessels) connecting the chakras with each other. The ancient techniques trained at this retreat aim to bring the energies in balance, so that your mental and physical energies are activated and come into balance. Usually imbalances manifest in both physical and mental (spiritual) discomfort, causing stress and illness. Improving the balance can have the result of feeling more energized healthier and happier. That is why spiritual and body health is so important!

  • ‘Tali Rasa’ (balinese ‘Thai Chi’) with its 72 styles

Another method for physical and mental well being are the practices of Tali Rasa, also known as the moving meditation. Some of our former guest found these practices more appealing than yoga. Anyone coming to Balitrees will get a taste of Tali Rasa to see for themselves.

  • ‘Pencak Silat’ (balinese ‘Martial Arts’) with its 72 styles

Martial arts has been used by balinese citizens decades ago and has been the primary weapon to defend themselves during physical conflicts. Today it is see as a sport and body art but the organization thrives to prevent the originality of the traditional balinese silat. At Balitrees we reopen the gate for guests interested to learn about the ancient techniques, which can be classified into soft martial arts and hard martial arts. Soft martial arts use very less energy, suitable for guest who prefer relaxation. Hard martial arts use a lot of energy, suitable for guest who prefer to gain strength. All Balinese pencak schools traditionally keep sportive contests and performance to a minimum in order to emphasise combat effectiveness. An interesting fact about Pencak Silat is that it was influenced it had by a legend: the founder of Zen Buddhism Bodhidharma (Budhi Dharma). 

  • ‘Healing’

Students interested in healing have the opportunity to learn different traditional healing methods. If a guest would like to know more about this topic, then we can arrange a meeting with the master trained in this subject. Also, part of the retreat is visit to the healer of the village to receive a deep bone massage.

  •  ‘Yoga Watukara’ with its 13 styles    

At Balitrees we teach the original balinese yoga that aims to activate the kundalini in a very spiritual way and therefor includes a lot of meditation, mudras and mantra singing. The ancient techniques of balinese yoga and meditation have not been modified or changed in any way due to the organization effort to preserve the knowledge for a long time and in a very sensitive matter. So today ‘Yoga Watukara’ has its origin in the himalayas and is now the only yoga in the world, that teaches 13 different types of yoga levels, each having its main emphasis on a different chakra and nadi. It is a very holistic approach by covering more aspects than just the physical part of yoga, so mantras and mudras are a very important part of this field.


Special 8 day Yoga Watukara Teacher Training

Join this Balinese Yoga teacher training and learn the ancient techniques of balinese Yoga Watukara/ Meditation for self-healing. Feel the power and essence of these techniques that have been preserved for thousands of years.


Day 1 +2

___Join the regular yoga lessons in the morning at 09:30 and the evening at 15:00 (depending on your arrival) and get an introduction to the Philosophy of the Ashram and one of it’s main fields of study: the traditional Yoga Watukaru.

___Choose one of the cultural activities, which you must do during day 1 to day 4 !

___On the second day you will begin to study the papers, in which we present the mantras, asanas, flows, mudras and chakra meditation for Level I (Muladdharra Chakra)

___Add 5 sun and moon salutations to your daily practice!

Day 3+4

__Continue reading the papers and attending at the yoga lessons. After you’ve internalized the flows, it is time to focus on the chanting and chakra meditation.

___Add 10 sun and moon salutations to your daily practice!

Day 5+6

__Continue reading the papers and attending at the yoga lessons. After you’ve internalized the flows, it is time to focus on the chanting and chakra meditation.

___Lead or atleast assist a Yoga Lesson with our yoga teacher and retreat guests

___ Enjoy a full body massage for regeneration

___Add 10 sun and moon salutations to your daily practice!

Day 7+8

__Continue reading the papers and attending at the yoga lessons. After you’ve internalized the flows, it is time to focus on the chanting and chakra meditation.

___Take the final exam, receive certificate and become a member of Perguruan Seruling Dewata

___Add 10 sun and moon salutations to your daily practice!

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