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Type of Registration

What are the different between RSY and CYS ?

There are types of school registration which are CYS and RSY.

RSY — Registered Yoga Schools refers to the school who join as WYA member and run the teacher training program up to WYA standards. Upon completed the training the school gives their own certificate to their students which will not be listed on our directory. However, their graduates will be able to register themselves as WYA Registered Yoga Teacher (RTY) individually with our organization by using RSY school diploma as the reference of their qualifications. Then their name will be listed on our teacher directory as RTY and they will also receive teacher benefits from our organization.

 CYS — Certified Yoga Schools refers to the school which has an agreement to join WYA Exchange Yoga Experience Program (EYEP) and using WYA Certificate for their graduates… so they will automatically become WYA Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT).Upon completed the training their name will be automatically listed on our teacher directory as proof of their yoga education insurance and they will receive CYT benefits from our organization.

What are the different between RTY and CYT ?

RTY — Registered Teacher of Yoga refers to Yoga teacher graduated from WYA registered yoga school or non-WYA yoga school and they apply for teacher registration individually by themselves with WYA.

CYT — Certified Yoga Teacher refers to Yoga teacher who graduated from WYA Certified Yoga School (CYS) and receive WYA diploma submitted by CYS upon their graduation.

Please refer to our Type of Registration chart below.

What difference between RTY500 and E-RTY ?

As for WYA standards, E-RTY registration requires minimum 1000 hours of yoga education / 5 years of teaching experience with photocopy of Diploma attached to confirm their qualifications. For those who completed the yoga training under 1000 hours in total, they could only apply for Registered Yoga Teacher (RTY)

I am a yoga teacher. Can I apply for WYA diploma as CYT by myself?

NO. Unfortunately, Certified Yoga Teacher(CYT) can be applied by WYA Certified Yoga School (CYS) only.
But you can register with us as Registered Teacher of Yoga (RTY) with us directly. Simply submit RTY online application form [ CLICK HERE ]

I have already completed my YTT with non-WYA yoga school. Can I continue my yoga education for a higher level with WYA?

Yes, you can. However, our committee will consider case by case. An extra process such as prescreen interview may be required to ensure you’re well qualified to join further education with us.


Does WYA license valid for lifetime?

Yes. Unlike other yoga alliances, WYA offers lifetime license to School & Teacher registration. So you don’t have to worry about renewal or expiration. However, failure to comply with our TERMS & CONDITIONS may result in the termination of your membership so please ensure that you uphold your professionalism for both teaching & practicing skills to meet WYA standards at all times.


How much is the fee to register with WYA?

Please refer to our Standard fee details [ CLICK HERE ]
For School Registration, Teacher Registration, and Member Park, it is one-time payment for lifetime membership.

What payment method and currency do you accept?

We currently accept the payment via Bank Transfer / PayPal / Western Union or MoneyGram
Currency accepted:  USD, EUR, INR and THB