Exchange Yoga Experience Program
    (WYA Continuous Yoga Education)

WYA Exchange Yoga Experience Program

We believe one should never stop learning and practicing and that is the reason we provide FREE continuous yoga education called Exchange Yoga Experience Program ” (EYEP) for our Certified Yoga Teachers (CYT) through our Certified Yoga Schools and Divisions worldwide.

Know more about EYEP

Who can receive the continuous yoga education with WYA?

Your graduates as CYT members are able to get Continuous Free Yoga Education (CYE) standards as soon as they complete their teacher training courses with you or any of our authorized member schools / teachers worldwide.

How to receive free yoga teacher training with WYA?

CYT members need to use their “WYA Teacher ID Number” in the related school in order to join our free yoga education program, which is valid for three years after graduation date. Upon receiving the “WYA Teacher ID Number”, School owner or Course Teacher / Facilitator shall reconfirm the “WYA Teacher ID” Online published on our International Yoga Teacher Directory Website: https://www.wyayoga.org/find-a-yoga-teacher/

* Along with certified yoga teacher (CYT) members, our Registered Yoga Teachers (RTY) members can also join WYA continuous yoga education with 15 % discount from the original course fee.

Who are the service providers of WYA continuous yoga education?

You or our authorized schools/teachers who work alongside with World Yoga Alliance in providing high standard of yoga teacher training, promoting and supporting the integrity and diversity of yoga teaching, with a common vision to maintain and share yoga science and traditions around the world.

Where can you (CYT graduates) get continuous yoga education?

We have many school/studio members and locations all around the world.  Please, check out our yoga event directory where you can get continuous yoga education from our community (after graduation from authorized schools/teachers).

How to become Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) from WYA? Or
How to apply WYA Training Certificate for your Yoga Teacher Training Graduates?

* 1st Step:

Submit the Students Details at CYT Application form Online

(The application form will be provided by email as it is internal link for member use only)

* 2nd Step:

Upon send the CYT Application form, submits the WYA Certification Fee (according to the training level)

* 3rd Step:

Received the Diploma (WYA License) via email and print it out, and then get ready for Teacher Training Course Ceremony.

* 4th Step:

Search International Teachers Directory (WYA Official Website) all Teachers data will be there with all details.

➡️ https://www.wyayoga.org/find-a-yoga-teacher

Sample of WYA Certificates

Here is the sample of WYA Certificates given to Certified Yoga Teacher as a guarantee that they’ve completed the training and be able to receive teacher benefits directly from the organization. For more information about Teacher Benefits [ CLICK HERE ]

Certified Yoga Teacher Certificate (CYT)
for 100hr Training and above.

Certified Yoga Teacher Certificate (CYT)
for Training less than 100hr.

(Known as Mini Diploma)

Note: We also support all types of yoga training such as Aerial Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, etc.