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world yoga alliance

We are an International Yoga Organization with the Head Division based in India. WYA also has Divisions in Europe as well as WYA Member Yoga Organizations and Institutes across the world. Countries include Greece, Cyprus, Argentina and Latin American countries, Hungary, Spain, The Netherland and the other European countries.

WYA Head division consists of a group of professional doctrines whom have studied for over 76 years and have practiced Yoga in the field and have created this organization to share the expertise of our knowledge. University Accreditation in all aspects of Yoga, philosophy, Ayurveda medicine, asana practice and life dedication to Yoga as enabled us to set a high standard of teaching practice for anyone who joins one of our yoga teacher training courses regardless of which country you may be attending your yoga course with WYA Certification.

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world yoga alliance

world yoga alliance

Welcome to Our COMMUNITY.

We are an international yoga organization devoted to nurturing authentic yoga traditions all around the world with our recognized members. All yoga studios, fitness Centers, Schools, Institution and yoga teachers throughout all countries are able to get World Yoga Alliance Registration by own self through contact us or any official divisions.

To maintain the continuous yoga education standards, we offer by our divisions certified yoga teacher training course worldwide.








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