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Airborne Aerial Fitness was incorporated in 2016 as a specialised Aerial Yoga and Fitness space, by Zamina Ladiwala. She completed her early education in Aerial with the World Yoga Alliance and Aerial Yoga Academy Australia. She later specialised in Mat Pilates and Barre. She now has over 4 years of Aerial Fitness through group classes and personal training. Airborne Aerial Fitness is based in Mumbai and offers aerial group classes, individual training and teacher training workshops for fitness enthusiasts from other fitness disciplines. The clientele at Airborne Aerial Fitness includes corporates, professionals and students from all over the city. We have a team of dedicated trainers that screen each new participant through a fitness assessment to ascertain their physical and medical fitness levels and only then are they enrolled for training. The pre-examination helps the team design the classes based on the fitness levels of the clients and prevents the clients from any unwanted injuries during training.

Airborne Aerial Fitness is committed to grow from strength to strength and provide only the best training experience to it’s clients. To spread the benefits of aerial yoga beyond our studio space, Airborne Aerial Fitness offers intensive training courses for trainers to learn aerial yoga and incorporate the same into their training routines. Along with the proper training techniques and support staff we also provide high quality and durable aerial silks which ensure the clients always feel safe and stay injury free.

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Address: The Integral Space, 14, Janta Industrial Estate,
Opposite Palladium, Lower Parel Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400013 India

Phone: +918108282810

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Course Outline for Introduction to Aerial Fitness
(50 Hours)

The Introduction to Aerial Fitness at Airborne Aerial Fitness is a 50-hour intensive program structured to provide a foundation to aerial yoga and fitness to all participants. The course is open to everyone and is not restricted to trainers or yoga practitioners alone. We invite and encourage people from all walks of life to partake in this course.

The teacher training program will be initially held in Mumbai at convenient dates and locations to enable maximum participation. Upon completion of the 50-hour Introduction to Aerial Fitness course the participant will be able to practice and teach the fundamentals of aerial yoga. The below mentioned module represents the framework of Airborne’s teacher training program. Please note, these are sample course outlines and are subject to change for each individual teacher training program.

Clinical Implications of Aerial Yoga
Aerial yoga is unconventional as compared to the traditional forms of yoga. As such it is important for the participants to understand the human anatomy, its functions and the medical concerns associated with Aerial Yoga.

Understanding the Human Body
Aerial yoga encourages the human body to leave its comfort zone and push its boundaries in various ways. It is therefore important to be aware of the Functional Anatomy, Digestive System, Respiratory System and understand the application of functional anatomy to practice of Standing Poses, Standing Twist, Sitting Forward Bend, Twist, Back Bends, Inverted Poses and
so on.

Warm-up and Mobility Drills
This section covers the warm-up and mobility routines which helps the important muscle groups open up and get ready for the workout of the day. It is essential for the body to warm- up to prevent injuries during workouts.

Aerial Stretches

Aerial Hammock Stretches                      Aerial In-Hammock Pigeon Pose
Aerial Side Splits                                       Aerial Front Splits
Aerial Floor Stretches                               Aerial Hamstring Stretch
Aerial Spine Twist                                      Extended Cobra
Aerial One-Legged Stretches                  Aerial Hamstring Stretch
Aerial Spine Twist                                      Aerial Forward Bend
Aerial Pigeon Pose (Thigh Wrap)             Aerial Extended Lunge

Aerial Plank
Aerial Downward Dog
Aerial Reverse Plank

Aerial Poses
Cat and Cow                                           Hero
Bridge and Frog Bridge                         Extended Camel
Aerial Pike                                               Aerial Dancer’s Pose
Swan Dive                                               Aerial Downward Dog
Aerial Bow                                               Aerial Bridge

Aerial Inversion
Aerial Inversion                                      Inverted Frog
Inverted Flying Dog                               Inverted Bow
Aerial Saddle                                          Inverted Pigeon
Vampire                                                  Shoulder Stand

Principles of Sequencing, Breakdown of a Sequence, Different Methods of Sequencing, Samples
of Sequencing for different levels

AIRBORNE AERIAL FITNESS, WYA registered aerial yoga school (RAYS)

Code of Ethics

Airborne Aerial Fitness is committed to maintaining the integrity, dignity and credibility of the teaching profession. We at Airborne understand and observe the responsibility of an Aerial yoga teacher and that we are accountable for our behavior, especially where it may have an impact on students or the broader community. We recognize that it is our responsibility and privilege to support the physical, mental, and spiritual welfare of our students, and to uphold the dignity and integrity of the yoga teachings. Every teacher at Airborne therefore, agree to abide by the below mentioned code of ethics. Here you can read more about WYA code of conduct

Airborne Aerial Fitness
Airborne Aerial Fitness

Teacher – Student Relationship

• Show only the highest regard for the students’ personal beliefs and values
• Offer the services of teaching yoga to all persons, regardless of sex, race, colour, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or political affiliation—to the extent that the teacher is competent to offer such services, based on their training and experience
• Be forthright and honest in all forms of communication, maintaining respect, cooperation and trust.
• Avoid any action that intentionally or otherwise will conflict with the highest interests of the students
• Regularly engage in professional development in order to best serve students, as well as for their own personal growth
• Protect the confidentiality of students and ensure security of all student information
• Avoid taking unfair advantage of students financially, sexually, romantically, or otherwise Professional Conduct while in training
• Offer only those services that the teacher is competent to provide
• Not attempt to diagnose a student’s physical or psychological condition, prescribe a treatment, or suggest or approve of going against a physician’s advice
• Take continuing education in yoga teaching on a regular basis
• Be honest, straightforward, fair, and conscientious in all business dealings
• Manage the business finances according to accepted business and accounting practice
• Comply with all applicable business, employment and copyright laws and regulations as decreed by the government Ethical Advertising In brochures, advertising, and other descriptions of my services (including verbal), I will:
• Make no exaggerated claims as to the benefits of yoga practice or classes.
• Represent every teacher’s training, qualifications, abilities, and affiliations accurately and unambiguously.
• Not falsely imply sponsorship by, representation of, or endorsement by any organisation

I understand that any reports of my breaching this code will be fairly investigated by the WYA Yoga Ethics Team, and that it could lead to revocation of my Teacher Training certification.


50 Hour Intensive Aerial Teacher Training Course

Course Details:

1. WYA (World Yoga Alliance) affiliated 50- hour intensive training program
2. Classroom and self learning modules
3. Learn the fundamentals of Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness complete with warm-up, mobility, workout and core flow routines. Participants will learn 75+ unique poses over the course of 5 days
4. Participants will learn how to design individual and group workouts .
5. Benefits of Aerial fitness over conventional workouts and it’s role in post injury rehabilitation
6. Introduction to body biomechanics, human anatomy and their application to aerial fitness. Medical conditions to consider when enrolling students for an aerial class
7. Learn essential training , cuing and spotting skills .
8. Get listed with WYA as an accredited aerial trainer post course completion (optional)
9. Ideal for fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts looking for a skill upgrade. Health coaches and sports therapists who work with strength and conditioning for athletes. Sports and Fitness facility owners who are looking to expand their business

Date: 19-22 March 2020