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    Welcome to WYA International Community!

We are an International Yoga Community representing yoga teachers and schools worldwide. Since 2011, we have been providing our services and support over 80 countries around the world including India, Nepal, Thailand, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Ecuador, Argentina, Belgium, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and more…

Our mission

Our mission is to share the Traditional Indian Yoga Knowledge and create a healthy living community worldwide.

We have been working on sharing the passion of both teachings and practicing of yoga based on Traditional Indian Yoga knowledge as well as providing friendly support to maintain unity in the diversity for every yoga style. We aim to create a healthy living community worldwide.

We are committed to promote and support the yoga community for teachers/schools and also spread the authentic yoga principles, standards and practice. We keep maintaining international standards of yoga education as we want to make sure that all of our members are provided with necessary skills, knowledge, and proper guidance to become professional yoga teachers/schools living and cultivating a healthy yogic lifestyle.

Moreover, we are happy to offer extensive chances for self-development along with future job opportunities to our community members at any WYA authorized yoga schools around the world.

Our vision

We maintain the highest education quality and standards worldwide.

As yoga is a system of unity and diversity, our vision is to build a worldwide network of yoga teachers and schools by providing an opportunity to join an international registry, and to promote the ones who have the same yoga belief and ethics as us. We value so much our authorized teachers, therapists, and schools in the yoga industry and always wish to help them improve their knowledge and spiritual growth, by giving them a chance to join our yoga events, workshops and seminars worldwide.

Our team

WYA Head Division consists of a group of professionals who have studied yoga science and traditions for over 79 years. The organisation was established in order to share years of knowledge and expertise. Our GKV University accreditation in all aspects of Yoga, Philosophy, Ayurveda Medicine, and Asana Practice has enabled us to set high standards of teaching practice for anyone around the world who would like to join our yoga community.


WYA is an Organisation officially recognized and registered with NCT New Delhi-110042 (Government of India)
Founded on November 17, 2011  |   Registration ID Number 5509

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