200 HRS YTTC standard

This training standard (Level 1) is set forth by WYA Organization to provide the value of yoga knowledge/principles/ethical guideline to yoga practitioners. We allow this standard to teacher training provider members.

WYA Certified 200 hr. Level – l YTTC Standard

Total 3 Weeks Training

  •      Yoga Practical Techniques (total 111 hour with 86 contact hour)

This training includes the techniques of physical and mental level:


Yoga Techniques:

Asana, pranayama, Meditation, kriyas, mantras chanting, Tri Bandha, exercises or yoga sukshma vyayama.


60 Hour
Teaching Methodology:

Principles of Symptoms of a good teacher, Lesson planning, Principles of demonstration & observation, Assisting, modifications, correcting, instructing, Ethical guidelines for yoga teachers, Student teaching practicing and Basic healthy yogic lifestyle


9 Hour
Business Plan:

Basic knowledge

3 Hour
Group Meeting / Practice:

45 Min teaching practice

6 Hour
Teaching practical & Workshop:

Student teaching as well as observing and assisting in yoga classes taught by others, Hours may be a combination of supervised and unsupervised.


8 Hour


  • Yoga Theoretical (total 89 hour with 64 contact hour)


Theory of Traditional Yoga Style:

Yoga Introduction, History of yoga and Lineage, Hatha Yoga and Lineage, Functions of 7 chakras (Energy Centers), Pranayama Science Techniques and 5 Prana, Original Ashtanga Yoga by Patanjali, Introduction to Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda & the hatha yoga tradition.


33 hour
Theory of Other Yoga Practical techniques:

Yoga Hand Mudras, Meditation techniques, Tri Bandha.


15 Hour
Anatomy and Physiology:

Physical Anatomy and Physiology of pelvic and shoulder muscles on Yoga Pose.

16 Hour


  • Homework (total 50 non-contact hours)

It is Includes personal practice of Specified yoga theoretical knowledge and practical techniques, journaling and specific essay assignments